Special Services

As part of our Buyer Toolkit, PCBB has developed a suite of special services to assist those already in the process of purchasing a business. The steps in that process often require focused expertise and experience to assure that the transaction is the right one for you, is exactly what it appears to be and can be consummated with minimal expense — and no surprises — for you.

To help you achieve all these objectives, we are delighted to offer the following services:

Business & Financial Review/Valuation

When you’re purchasing a business, do you know what that entity is really worth? Can you put a price tag on the core values of that business? Without the right answers to such questions, you may be overpaying. We’ll provide a comprehensive review and assessment of the financial records of the target business, and we’ll use the results as the basis for a solid valuation.

Our work with business sellers has familiarized us with all valuation methods — whether standard or exotic — that are seen in the industry. Thus, we’re uniquely well positioned to determine a fact-based valuation that, because of its credibility, will facilitate the purchase process.

We would be pleased to customize this service for your needs. For example, if you require an industry-specific review and valuation, the experience of our team members is so broad that we’re able to provide exactly what you need.

Negotiating & Formulating Offers

If your negotiating experience is limited, the prospect of sitting across the table from business owners and their lawyers can seem intimidating. That’s where PCBB can help. We’re veteran deal negotiators — and we’ve been on both sides of the table. Once you brief us on your goals, we’ll be prepared to formulate your offer and advance your interests by accepting only those modifications that you authorize.

Moreover, negotiations don’t necessarily end once an offer is accepted. Items may be negotiated throughout the escrow process, often resulting in amendments and addenda to the basic sales agreement. When PCBB represents you in a negotiation, our service continues through that post-agreement phase.