Buying A Business "A-Z" Seminars

If purchasing a business is your ultimate goal, but you think you need to learn more about the acquisition process before pulling the trigger, our “Buying A Business 101” seminar is the perfect tool for you. In a half-day session, we’ll ground you in the basics of business acquisition, giving you the information and confidence you need for success.

After an overview from Gregg, Ruth and members of our team, you’ll learn from experts in financing, negotiating, planning and due diligence, among other key topics. Many of our presenters began, as you, with only the dream of business ownership. But they studied the basics, applied them and achieved their cherished dreams.

That’s the path we envision for you. You’ll emerge from our seminar with valuable information, a timeless workbook and the knowledge that you’re well positioned for the next step — whenever you decide to take it.

Among the areas covered are:

Identifying the Right Sector and Business

Every business sector — and many companies within those sectors — may be available to you, but which is the right sector? Which is the right business? We’ll help you review the market and select the best candidates for you, based on current and prospective developments within the sector, immediate cash needs of a target business, future trends and, perhaps most importantly, your experience with, and comfort in, a sector or business.

Developing Your Financial and Business Plans

These are separate but related plans. Your financial plan is a blueprint — often required by outside investors or lenders, landlords and sellers — that outlines the resources you will deploy to purchase the business. Such resources may include personal funds, investor capital and loans, including those provided by the Small Business Administration. When we’re finished, you’ll be ready to conceptualize your financial plan.

But knowing how you’ll finance the purchase is only part of the process. You also need a plan for operating the business once it’s yours. With the understanding you gain at our seminar, you’ll be ready to craft a plan that allows you to hit the ground running.

Acquiring Financing

Few business purchasers are prepared to underwrite the entire cost of the acquisition, so they turn to outside sources of financing. These include investors, financial institutions and government agencies, such as the Small Business Administration. We’ll cover all such funding opportunities, with particular emphasis on SBA, a vital source of financing. You’ll come away with a valuable understanding of the SBA application process as well as eligibility requirements and payment terms. Another key source of potential funding is seller financing. We’ll help you understand that option and develop a win-win strategy.

Due Diligence

How do you know that the documents a business owner presents to you are a true reflection of the state and value of that business? The answer, of course, is due diligence, an important facet of virtually all transactions. We’ll help you understand what action items your due diligence exercise should include...and when it’s time to bring on outside professionals for more thorough review.

Negotiating the Right Deal

If you haven’t negotiated a high-volume deal before, relax. Our experts will give you the confidence you need by outlining which items should be subject to give-and-take, when you should stay firm — in short, how to achieve the outcome you want. As part of this session, you’ll also learn about Purchase Agreements and related documents and how to structure an offer. We’ll also cover negotiations outside the main transaction, such as discussions about a modified or extended lease, that may be just as critical as the principal negotiation.

The Escrow Process

We’ll help you understand the escrow process, and how it can work for the benefit of the purchaser. New or modified regulations can make escrow an ever-changing landscape. Our experts will give you the most current picture. You’ll learn which searches are necessary to ensure that a business is being purchased free and clear from any liens, judgments and encumbrances. Our session also covers “Notification of Bulk Sale,” which allows creditors to submit any outstanding claims through the escrow process.