Business Sale Representation

As your broker, we’ll represent you throughout the process, guiding you successfully from concept through sale. Our specific services include:

Setting Expectations & Pricing the Business

  • Brokers Opinion of Value — We provide an Opinion of Value based on industry comparables, current market multiples and buyer expectations regarding return on investment and terms. A clear understanding of the financial documentation will be required before an educated Opinion of Value can be given.
  • Formal Valuation — We work with several industry-leading business and equipment valuation firms to facilitate your valuation — on time and within budget. We maintain an ever-growing database of valuation and liquidation firms and resources to help deliver quality valuations at competitive prices.

Data Collection & Marketing Package Development

  • Seller Interview — We’ll sit down with you for a “user-friendly” question and answer session designed to provide a clear understanding of the business and its potential.
  • Packaging List — This document will identify the items required to sell the business at a premium price.
  • Data Collection — We help gather the required information . . . and we’ll work with your landlord, accountant, partners and staff.
  • Professional Sales Package Development — This coherent presentation of your business is designed to maintain confidentiality and elicit serious responses from serious buyers. Your portfolio will feature a series of sales tools and forms as well as a marketing/sales plan. The Marketing Package includes: • Executive Summary • Photographs • Re-cast Financial Statements • Lease Information • Proposed Price & Terms • Customer & Market Summary • Payroll & Employee Summary • Marketing Opportunities • Industry-Specific Requirements • Franchise Requirements (if applicable) • List of Assets


  • Buyer Database — All business opportunities are introduced to an expanding database of over 7,000 potential buyers.
  • Web Marketing — We list business opportunities on several top Internet sites —mainstream and industry specific — with comprehensive and effective exposure on over 25 sites.
  • E-Mail Campaign — We develop specific e-mail blasts to targeted buyers from our extensive database.
  • Co-Brokering — We work with a large network of local brokers to confidentially introduce your business to as many potential buyers as possible.
  • CABB (California Association of Business Brokers) — We belong to this professional trade association that actively helps members sell client businesses.
  • Print Marketing — We create and place advertisements in appropriate newspapers and trade periodicals.

Buyer Identification & Introduction

  • Facilitating Requests — We work with escrow agents, attorneys, accountants and other professionals to help with the due diligence and escrow processes.
  • Contingency Removal — We help facilitate the critical process of contingency removal to ensure the ongoing progress of the sale.
  • Communication – On a regular basis, we convey updates and requests to both sides of the sale — all the way through the Close of Escrow — to keep all parties informed of status and progress.
  • Buyer Education — In this crucial step, we help buyers understand the process, providing them with a comfort level and positioning them to finalize the transaction.
  • Buyer Communication — We facilitate all communication with the buyer and act as a liaison regarding contractual requirements.

Negotiation Assistance

  • Meeting Facilitation — If appropriate, we’ll arrange and participate in all buyer-seller meetings.
  • Offer Presentation — We will deliver all offers promptly.
  • Deal Structure, Pricing & Terms — We offer assistance with crafting and negotiating the points and terms of the deal . . . and we present any counter offers to the buyer.
  • Lease – In many cases, the lease is the most important aspect of the sale. We have considerable experience negotiating with landlords and management companies to fashion a lease that works for all parties.

Due Diligence & Escrow Request Assistance