GREGG TOBIN (Principal) has been a business owner and operator for more than 25 years. He has sold seven of the companies he started or purchased and thus is a veteran of both sides of the negotiating table. As a result, he is uniquely well qualified to help you sell your business…and to understand the objectives of buyers.

The figures tell a persuasive story. In California, only 30% of businesses listed for sale actually sell. Gregg Tobin outperforms the average by far, selling 70% of the businesses he lists for sale.*

But the numbers are only part of the value proposition. Gregg says: “I’m more than familiar with the emotions of putting a business up for sale because I’ve been there so many times myself. I think that’s my single greatest advantage as a business broker. I understand the seller’s needs, and I understand the buyer’s needs. That puts me in a great position to negotiate and finalize a sale that’s sensitive to the concerns of all parties.”

Because of Gregg’s considerable experience in transactions, he also knows that effective communication is the key to a timely closing.

“Nobody likes surprises. That’s why one of my most important jobs is communicating regularly with the seller and educating the buyer. Deals often take longer than the principals expect, but effective communication helps control the flow and keep things on track.”

*Based on performance over 60 months: Businesses sold — 102.


RUTH TOBIN (Principal) joined PCBB in June 2008 after spending the previous 10 years in the corporate sector and has an extensive background in marketing and business development.

While working with small to mid-sized companies, she honed her skills in business relations, marketing and product development. Ruth has created and marketed consumer-based Internet products. Her key strengths include identifying new opportunities to increase revenue, developing marketing strategies, and leading teams of diverse groups. Over the years, she has worked within such sectors as health services, technology and national distressed real estate companies.

Ruth’s experience includes a successful, hands-on stint in retail as co-owner of a successful coffee business.  “To be truly successful,” she says, “you have to understand all elements of a business — creating, building, managing and maintaining.   Owning a business helped me realize both sides of the business world.”


SHERRI FICHTER is the newest member of the PCCB team after joining the group as a Business Broker in 2013. Sherri was actually one of PCBB’s clients and owner of a very successful Pet Companion Business in Orange County. Sherri had been a business owner for 8 years and also acquired another business before PCBB successfully sold her most recent company.

Sherri brings a diverse medley of talents to the PCBB team and her entrepreneur experience will be a contributing factor to her success as a Business Broker. Sherri has also worked on development of the PCBB Preferred Buyers Program as well as managing the current PCBB client portfolio.

Sherri is from St. Louis Missouri and lives with her husband and two children and large array of pets in Lake Forest.


A communications consultant with more than 35 years’ experience, Evan provides concepts and copy for PCBB’s far-reaching advertising program and the company Web site. Should you, as a buyer or seller, find that you require a capabilities brochure, new or revised Web site or collateral material of any manner, Evan’s services are available to you.

LOU FRANSON (Franchise Consultant/Brand Development)
Lou has worked with PCBB for several years as a franchise advisor and consultant. His experience includes: Knuckleheads Gym; Board of Advisors at Gimmie Grub; Franchise Advisor at Charo Chicken/ EZ Take Out Burger/ Alohana Hawaiian Grill; VP Marketing at Del Taco, Inc.; VP Marketing at El Pollo Loco; President of Hooters of America; VP/Managing Director for Arby's International, Inc., and RMD at Burger King Corporation.

DAVID ZEVE (Commercial Space Advisor)
David provides a high level of service and expertise that tenants and buyers can tap to lease retail and commercial property. David’s assistance can be critical in helping you find and lease the right space or purchase the right building at the most favorable terms.

GREG VUJNOV (Real Estate Consultant)
Greg has a proven track record of success in retail real estate, franchise sales and development, food service concept development, food service beverage development and sales, and team building. In addition, Greg has excellent communications skills, and develops, and maintains, strong relationships with colleagues and other professionals.

Greg brings over 15 years of experience within retail real estate. Greg co-founded a franchised business, Juice It Up where he oversaw all aspects of development including the expansion of the chain from 1 unit to over 50 units.

In Greg’s current capacity he is assisting retailers such as Carl’s Jr, Denny’s, Del Taco, Rite Aid, and Wingstop, in site selection and development services. In addition Greg also consults for Philly’s Best and Swirlz Frozen Yogurt as its Franchise Sales Manager.

DAVID TOBIN (Financial Services/Exit Planning)
David’s company, The Tobin Group, specializes in financial services. The firm includes retirement and pension plan experts, life insurance planning specialists, benefit specialists, estate planners, money managers, and business planners — all focused on providing business owners with exit strategies and succession plans.