Case Studies


Case Study — Philly's Best

  • Business Type:Sandwich Franchise
  • Location:Oceanside
  • Seller:Ray Aston
  • Time Frame:4-5 Months
  • Ray Aston's Comments:The deal went smoothly until we reached the landlord approval stage. I feared we would get bogged down, but Gregg was both deft and persistent in securing the necessary approvals.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:One of the keys to this transaction was getting in front of Ray in the first place. I was referred to Ray by another Philly's Best franchisee, which shows that if you do good, honorable work, people will notice.

Case Study — Blake’s Place

  • Business Type:BBQ Restaurant & Catering
  • Location:Chino
  • Seller:Gene Hobel
  • Time Frame:3-4 Months
  • Gene Hobel's Comments:I was operating Blake's Place in both Anaheim and Chino. It was such a grind that I needed to sell one of the locations. Gregg helped me accomplish that quickly, bringing me much-needed peace of mind. Turns out he's also a big BBQ fan.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Gene was hands-on throughout the process. Through his knowledge of the sector, we priced the business at the right number, facilitating a rapid transaction.

Case Study — Charo Chicken

  • Business Type:Chicken Franchise
  • Location:Claremont
  • Seller:Whit Latimer
  • Time Frame:4 Months
  • Whit Latimer's Comments:What impressed me most about Gregg was his network of contacts. We were a relatively new business with perhaps less name recognition than we would have liked. That wasn't a problem for Gregg; he was able to reach out to a number of prospective buyers — all of them serious and credible.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Whit had a terrific management team that was a powerful ally throughout the sale process. Your employees can be a tremendous asset if they’re kept in the loop and treated fairly.

Case Study — Action Vending

  • Business Type:Vending Machine Business
  • Location:Downey
  • Seller:Vance Anderson
  • Time Frame:5 Months
  • Vance Anderson's Comments:I've relocated to the Pacific Northwest since the sale, and I'm considering becoming a business broker. That's how impressed I was with Gregg and his command of the process.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Vance started his business in 1986 - the same year I began in the vending industry - so we had much in common. His records were meticulous, a key factor in winning quick SBA approval of the buyer's financing application.

Case Study — It's A Grind

  • Business Type:Coffee House Franchise
  • Location:Diamond Bar
  • Seller:Mark Harada
  • Time Frame:1 Year
  • Mark Harada's Comments:It took some time for us to find the right deal, but Gregg was encouraging and stuck with the listing all the way. Turns out we're both Pittsburgh Steelers fans - even though I've never been to Pittsburgh. We still discuss the Steelers regularly.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Mark and his wife Illy were proactive sellers - up-front with prospects about every detail. Mark wasn't operating his business on site, which made the flow of communications especially important. The deal worked because of Mark's realistic expectations.

Case Study — Vendix

  • Business Type:Vending Equipment
  • Location:Ontario
  • Seller:Billy Darmawan
  • Time Frame:2 Months
  • Billy Darmawan's Comments:Because Gregg had worked in the vending industry, I felt comfortable with him immediately. He's been helping me for three years. You don't find many brokers like that.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:After acquiring the business, Billy doubled his revenue in a year, then expanded the company by developing a number of vending routes. I've helped him sell three of those routes.

Case Study — The Art of Living

  • Business Type:Home Decor
  • Location:Laguna Beach
  • Buyers:Stephen Jacobs & Frank Schaeffer
  • Time Frame:1 Month
  • Stephen Jacobs' Comments:It's still hard to believe that we were able to complete this acquisition, from stem to stern, in a single month. I don't think we could have achieved that without Gregg's persistent yet friendly approach.
  • Frank Schaeffer's Comments:The purchase went so smoothly that we were immediately able to undertake a comprehensive renovation and change the name of the business to Stephen Frank. It was a seamless transition.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Stephen and Frank had a vision...and a plan to implement that vision. That's the reason we were able to finalize the deal so quickly.

Case Study — Laguna Gourmet Food Gallery

  • Business Type:Gourmet Food & Gifts
  • Location:Laguna Beach
  • Seller:Amy Easterly & Francesca Peterson
  • Time Frame:4-5 Months
  • Amy Easterly's Comments:How often does a company that helps you acquire a business remain on the case to help you sell it? That tells you something about the versatility and commitment of Gregg and PCBB.
  • Francesca Peterson's Comments:Gregg was thorough and upbeat throughout the acquisition and sales processes. He became an important member of our team.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:I was delighted to sell this business to Amy and Francesca...then sell it for them a year later. They were quite diligent as business owners and equally as well prepared when they opted to sell.

Case Study — Lenny & Larry's

  • Business Type:Wholesale Bakery Distributor
  • Location:Northridge
  • Seller:Don Croutch
  • Time Frame:4-5 Months
  • Don Croutch's Comments:I originally engaged Gregg to help sell my business. But when he reviewed my situation, he suggested that expanding and retaining the company was a better idea. He helped us find a better facility, and we're thriving today.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Sometimes, as in Don's case, the best sale is no sale at all. You'll discover that, though, only if you listen to your client and offer a fresh perspective. For Don, I became more consultant than broker because that was what he needed most.

Case Study — The Coffee Pub

  • Business Type:Coffee Shop
  • Location:Laguna Beach
  • Seller:Tricia & Cameron Fraser
  • Time Frame:3 Months
  • Tricia Fraser's Comments:Gregg was able to solicit offers from several potential buyers. I know that helped us complete the transaction so quickly, and I think it was a big factor in enabling us to achieve an all-cash purchase. Gregg is a great communicator - we've remained good friends.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Years ago, I owned and sold my own coffee house; that helped me understand the needs of the seller and the buyer - and bring the parties together. I also helped the buyer negotiate a new lease, an important factor in our ability to achieve a quick closing.

Case Study — The Office @ 92651

  • Business Type:Office Services
  • Location:Laguna Beach
  • Seller:Terry Baker
  • Time Frame:1 Month
  • Terry Baker's Comments:I was interested in a quick turnaround because I was already involved in another business. That's exactly what I got from Gregg, thanks to his organized approach and broad networks of contacts.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:Terry was referred to me by one of our satisfied clients, a primary source for our listings. Terry wanted to move quickly; we did that, and we still achieved his desired price.

Case Study — Sign Me Up Signs

  • Business Type:Retail Signs
  • Location:Mission Viejo
  • Seller:Brett Meacham
  • Time Frame:4-5 Months
  • Brett Meacham's Comments:I was referred to Gregg by a friend...and now I'll be happy to be a source of referrals. Gregg was so thorough - his follow-up was excellent - that I had plenty of time to attend to my new business.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:One of the keys to this all-cash transaction was the business valuation I developed for Brett. That provided a credible basis for our asking price - and we received full value as a result.

Case Study — Cookie Creations

  • Business Type:Specialty Foods
  • Location:Irvine & Laguna Niguel
  • Seller:Timorie Budge
  • Time Frame:2 Months
  • Timorie Budge's Comments:I knew this would be a tough assignment - two locations, a SBA loan - when I asked Gregg for help. But he came through like a trooper. We spoke three or four times daily during the sales process. Gregg didn't leave anything to chance.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:This transaction required diligence. Some sellers and buyers make the mistake of avoiding SBA financing because of the extra level of complexity it brings. But I'm delighted to deal with added details if it means a better deal for sellers and buyers.

Case Study — Simply Coffee

  • Business Type:Coffee House
  • Location:Burbank
  • Seller:Laurie Vanatta
  • Time Frame:3 Months
  • Laurie Vanatta's Comments:Gregg owned a coffee house earlier in his career - that inspired a great deal of confidence on my part. He not only knew my objectives, but he also knew what qualities buyers would value most highly. It was a great experience.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:This turned out to be a much tougher negotiation than either Laurie or I anticipated. What turned the tide was the trust on all sides of the table. The buyer knew that I had 'walked a mile in his shoes,' so to speak. That empathy was vital to a successful closing.

Case Study — Sunflower Natural Bakery

  • Business Type:Wholesale Bakery
  • Location:Costa Mesa
  • Buyers:Kathy & Babak Maghbouleh
  • Time Frame:4 Months
  • The Maghboulehs' Comments:Gregg helped us realize our long-standing dream of owning our own bakery. Gregg was up-front about the challenges and the opportunities, and he was accessible 24-7. That really established a comfort level for us.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:This was a particularly complex acquisition. Not only did it cover both property and a business, but there also were two bank loans involved. Attention to detail was the key to resolving all the issues.

Case Study — Sunflower Natural Bakery

  • Business Type:Wholesale Bakery
  • Location:Costa Mesa
  • Seller:Craig Clayton
  • Time Frame:4-5 Months
  • Craig Clayton's Comments:I wasn't sure we could get this deal done, given that we had both property and a business. Gregg recast the financials to emphasize the great upside of the bakery. That was the key to a successful transaction.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:This was about as complicated as business sales get. Working closely with Craig and the buyer, I was able to coordinate two loans for the buyer through the SBA and a commercial bank. There were many moving parts, and when they all came together, it was tremendously satisfying for all of us.

Case Study — Pacific Gallery

  • Business Type:Art Gallery
  • Location:Laguna Beach
  • Seller:Paula Beitz
  • Time Frame:4 Months
  • Paula Beitz's Comments:I had considerable experience in corporate sales, but buying a business was new for me. Gregg familiarized Bob and me with the process, including the sorts of resources and attributes we would need. We're successful owners now, with a business a stone's throw from our home.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:My work with Paula was particularly satisfying because I was able to match two people I represented - the seller and the buyer. When you have experience on both sides of the bargaining table, that enhances the opportunity for swift, successful negotiations.

Case Study — Mark's Catering

  • Business Type:Caterer
  • Location:Lake Forest
  • Buyers:Debbie & Gregg Thornton
  • Time Frame:2 Months
  • The Thornton's Comments:We already were working in the catering business but were looking to expand. Gregg helped us locate the perfect opportunity - and at the right price. Because the transaction happened so quickly, we were able to begin integrating our new operations into the existing business at once.
  • Gregg Tobin's Comments:This transaction occurred over two months, but my relationship with Debbie and Gregg is ongoing. They've become valued members of my referral network - and I know where to send my friends for outstanding catering.