Buyer Representation

When you’re ready to buy a business, PCBB will help you achieve the best results by serving as your representative. We’re pleased to work with sellers and buyers of businesses...and we have considerable experience on both sides of the bargaining table. Our far-reaching services are especially valuable to buyers experiencing the process for the first time. If you’re in this situation, the transaction may be more complicated than you imagined, but it is achievable. We’ll help you:

  • Define Your Goals — We’ll work with you to articulate your motivation, needs and game plan.
  • Understand Your Ability to Buy — What will your resources allow you to acquire? Is SBA financing available? We’ll help you answer these questions.
  • Formulate Your Strategy — You’ll know what to expect every step of the way.
  • Identify Appropriate Professionals — Our network includes qualified and experienced attorneys, accountants and brokers.
  • Locate Acquisition Targets — We’ll search a variety of sources to find a business for you. Know a business you might like to purchase? We’ll contact the owners to probe their interest in selling.
  • Screen Opportunities — We’ll save your valuable time by filtering out opportunities that are unrealistic or deceptive
  • Develop Your Offer to Purchase — We’ll work with your legal counsel to craft the Offer to Purchase Agreement; we also offer a standard contract that’s available to you. We’ll fashion terms that make sense for you and promote your success.
  • Conduct Due Diligence — This exercise will determine the viability of the target business and if it’s a fit for you.
  • Negotiate the Deal — Our expertise in this area can save you thousands of dollars — and seal a deal that’s “win-win” for buyer and seller.
  • Complete the Escrow Process — This delicate step requires attention to detail. We’ll facilitate the process and maintain communication with the seller to improve the chances of success.
  • Close! — We’ll participate in the closing meeting and help resolve any last-minute issues that arise.